The Featherstonhaugh One Name Study
The Featherstonhaugh One Name Study


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A one name study of the variant surnames associated with the surname Featherstone, The Name variations include Featherston, Fetherston, and the more locative Featherstonhaugh, Fetherstonhaugh, Fetherstonhalgh, Fetherson, Fatherson and Featherstun.

This database is a collection which changes day by day as more information is gathered, and merges between different facts as family groups are formed.

If you have information to share please get in touch. This latest version contains; The release of the new birth and death details from the GRO has enabled previously unlinked children to be linked to families, and supplied mothers maiden names which we previously did not know, but we have just scraped the surface a lot of information as yet to be collected and added. It has enabled us to start looking at Co. Durham in England where the number of births in the early years is the largest in England. More than a few contacts have supplied information which has added to our knowledge

(As of today) there are (figures in brackets show the changes). 61,713(61,730) people in the project. Some minor merges have taken place, and duplicates removed. There are 77,869(77,888) names. There are 124,477(124,439) events and 47,934(47,832) places, some tidying up of place names has taken place with 38,303(38,220) relationships. There are 222,061(221,804) citations and 2,563(2,553)sources. Some merging of citations. We have 1,683(1,683)exhibits.

There are 16,756(16,721) Primary surnames that do not begin with F. There are 44,957(45,009)Primary surnames (not married surnames) begining with F. We are merging more events thus causing this figure to go down.Finally 9,745(9,749) not primary Surnames that do begin with F(married names)

Although every effort has been made to verify family ties, please do not take it as gospel, you are advise to check with your own research.

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